Digital Transformation to Low Tech Industry

It’s a common saying Technology is “everywhere.” Is it really true? The great challenge in low tech industries like Agriculture and Finance is getting people to understand the value of technology. They have a fear that being digital will replace their physical presence. The paths to digital transformation are full of resistance. They have complicated feelings which is full of a mistrust of machines. They need to explain how technology will ease their capabilities, make lives easier and allow them to do more significant work.

Digital Transformation in any industry doesn’t happen overnight. In lower tech industries, change typically takes regression before progression. The application of technology brings hard time to the existing methods. There is a need to change the mindset of people, processes and culture. A new approach requires a new mindset, framework and training. All takes time and persistence.

The question is how we can overcome this fear in low tech industries?

Make Process Simple

  • Define realistic goals and timelines for gains when evolving to high tech.
  • When processes are done differently, they should be measured differently. So, KPI‘s need proper adjustment.
  • Start simply. A good place is to start is with data along with its presentation and ability to help explain a problem or interpret its results. If new information can complement the old methods, the transition to digital can be easier. Straightforward ideas powered by technology have already proved its strengths in many big companies like Amazon, Facebook, Google.

Bring the value of technology to life

Many lower-tech industries are either lower margin or highly manual. Improvements come from really strong processes, which will vary by sector.

Digital tools can enable better scenario planning around multiple different outcomes to understand the impact of any one area on a company’s financial performance. In agriculture, data about weather and soil conditions can inform when to best plant, water and harvest. Drones will be able to easily monitor fields, see situations the farmers cannot and alert them to various issues. The right data can influence pricing and help ensure fair market value.

The concept of digital transformation seems frightening, especially through a lower tech lens. There is a greater potential in older and more undisturbed a process. Simple tools can create immediate and substantial value in Low tech industries.



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