Initiating Request for Feedback

Yesterday, I wrote about the ways to give a proper valuable feedback. Today, I will continue writing and will throw a light on the power of asking for feedback. Requesting feedback is one of the most important things that can help you to grow professionally. This gives an opportunity to build the trust with your stakeholders. The people with whom you are working can see you from all the angels. So, feedback will be a mirror for you where you can do your deep analysis. Without feedback, it’s hard to determine your leadership style. Of course, you can pre-analyse this by yourself with the people gestures but, you will get a much better understanding by asking them directly. 

Many people are reluctant in asking for the feedback because of the fear that they will get some negative comments. It’s always better to know rather than not to know. Moreover, when you ask the people about their judgment, then sometimes you get those aspects of your personality that you do not know but others see in you. Feedback enlightens your strengths as well as your weaknesses.

Intended audience, whom should ask?

It’s always better to see the opinion from people you respect and admire. If you ask from the people who you do not like then you are having the probability of his feedback to be considered about you. Don’t limit yourself to the people you work for directly but also consider the people from your team. Always start with a person whom you trust. The simplest way to request feedback is to ask the following two questions:
1) What should I prevent doing?
2) What should I continue to do?
When you ask these two questions you give people a chance to balance their feedback between positive and less positive aspects. It means that they can highlight the things you do really well along with areas where there is room for improvement.

Improvement after getting Feddback

After getting the feedback, analyse it properly. Take the critics into the consideration which are pointed by two or more persons, apply your wisdom and start working on it.

Trust Building

Asking for feedback builds the trust with your team and clients that you care and humble enough to ask for their opinion. Just imagine how a team member might react if you asked them how you come across as a manager and how they feel that you could better support them in their work.

I hope you have enjoyed this read and will apply the similiar strategies in your professional life.

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