Effective Project Status Report

Project manager has to create a weekly status report as one of the artifact. It’s a simple one-page report that adds a real value by providing an overview of milestones, risks, issues and budgetary information at a minimum. Here are some guide lines that I have summarized [1].

  • Avoid too much static information about the background of the project.
  • Include the name of the sponsor and the project manager.
  • Limit the information to one page with an overview of the major milestones, successes and achievements from last period.
  • Write the important risks and issues, including owner and mitigating action.
  • Share budget information and how you are tracking to it.
  • Make it clear what action you want people to take; is this report just for information or do you require a decision from anyone?
  • Prevent sending the report via email without writing the its context in the body of the mail. Executives may never read the report, so provide a summary in the email itself.
  • Don’t send out bad news in a project report without speaking to people first. You don’t want your sponsor to read about a major issue without being there to explain the situation.


  1. https://www.smartsheet.com/creating-an-effective-project-status-report-with-templates

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