Growing need of ‘Project Leadership’ Soft Skill

There are two types of skills two skill sets: hard skills and soft skills. Hard skills are part of the skill set that is required for a job. This skill set is achieved through degree and vocation trainings where as Soft skills are interpersonal skills. These are much harder to define and evaluate. Soft skills include communication skills, listening skills, Leadership skills and many more. Both skills are equally important [1].

High-performing organizations report that the most important acquired skills for project managers to successfully manage complex projects are leadership skills. Traditional dimensions of project management such as cost, schedule and performance are necessary but insufficient. The world is changing at a rapid pace, and the need for leaders is greater than ever before. We need leaders who can deal with ambiguity, take ownership of the vision and foster collaboration. He should be able to give credit, nurture creativity and support team members in taking calculative risks so as to deliver project success [2]. Thinking and behaving with a traditional project management mindset of control and compliance is not enough to bring the success of a Project.

 Being a leader is not something that is limited to upper management of a company. Anyone can be a leader within his or her field. Leadership is not a result of the job title you hold but of the attitudes and behaviors that someone holds. This soft skill is the backbone of any successful leader.



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