Critical Organizational Capabilities

What capabilities should leaders focus on developing within their organizations in order to achieve long term sustainability and success? If you ask IT professionals which companies they admire, people quickly point to organizations like General Electric, Facebook, Google or Microsoft. Question is how many layers of management these companies have to set their organization strategy. What people respect about these companies is not how they are structured or their specific approaches to management, but their capabilities and ability to innovate or to respond to changing customer needs. Such organizational capabilities key intangible assets. We can’t see them, but they can make the difference in the world when it comes to market value. Here are some of the important capabilities that successful organization have [1]:

  1. Talent: We are good at attracting, motivating, and retaining competent and committed people.
  2. Speed: We are good at making important changes rapidly.
  3. Shared Mind-Set and Coherent Brand Identity: We are good at ensuring that employees and customers have positive and consistent images of and experiences with our organization.
  4. Accountability: We are good at obtaining high performance from employees.
  5. Collaboration:  We are good at working across boundaries to ensure both efficiency and leverage.
  6. Learning: We are good at generating and generalizing ideas with impact.
  7. Leadership: We are good at embedding leaders throughout the organization.
  8. Customer Connectivity: We are good at building enduring relationships of trust with targeted customers.
  9. Strategic Unity: We are good at articulating and sharing a strategic point of view.
  10. Innovation: We are good at doing something new in both content and process.
  11. Efficiency: We are good at managing costs.

I personally find the above stated capabilities very important to gain the long-term benefits in terms of company repute.



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