Reports in Portfolio and Project Management

Effective reports in project and portfolio management (PPM) plays an important role in getting the overview of current activities. PMO is responsible of creating these reports. This includes not only the structure and the selection of the presented information but also to ensure the quality of the reports with regard to currency and correctness.

Here are five reports which are important to have for Portfolio, Program and Project Management.

  1. The portfolio dashboard
  2. The project pipeline
  3. The project status report
  4. The resource utilization across the team
  5. The resource situation and roadmap

1. The Portfolio Dashboard

The portfolio dashboard serves top management and the steering board as an instrument for monitoring and controlling the project portfolio.

2. The Project Pipeline

The report for the project pipeline shows all projects across their phases in the life cycle. This makes it easy to identify the progress of the projects.

3. The Project Status Report

The project status report shows the status of the current projects including important milestones as well as risks and change requests.

4. The Resource Utilization Across the Team

In the matrix organization, the project manager requires the support from line management. To this end, project managers send requests to team leaders. Team leaders need to be able to make a reliable commitment to the project managers. For this, they need a complete overview of the workload of their team members.

5. The Resource Situation and Roadmap

When new projects are to be incorporated into a portfolio, the resource situation is often the limiting factor. A resource roadmap can help in having the view about showing the resource utilization. It can clarify if where and when overload is alarming. This makes it possible to decide when new projects can start at the earliest.



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