Tricks to Evade Failure in the Eyes of Stakeholders

Have you come across a situation where you think that you have delivered the project according to customer requirement but he is not satisfied? If so, you’re not alone!
Many projects fail in the eyes of the stakeholders because the project’s success criteria weren’t clearly articulated which means that ‘their’ view of what makes the project a success is different from ‘your’ view.

To avoid the perception of failure, everyone needs to hold the same image of what project success means.

  1. Create the success criteria and get consensus between the sponsor and stakeholders as to what their relative priority is.
  2. Ensure that stated goals and objectives were met, and whether the project was delivered within the agreed parameters.
  3. Ensure other factors that also matter to your project’s success. Imagine a project which delivered real benefits on time, but which was executed in a haphazard way with poor communication and lots of disputes.
  4. To uncover the things that really matter to how your project will be judged, ask each of your stakeholders what would make them perceive the project as a success.
  5. Remember, that ultimately the success of your project will be measured by whether your sponsor and stakeholders feel satisfied. Try to turn any subjective feelings and statements into quantifiable and measurable conditions.
  6. Spend time with your stakeholders and understand what matters to them. Feel what they feel and see what they see, and do your best to honor their expectations.
  7. When analyzing the success criteria, make sure they relate back to the project’s purposes and that they are as specific and measurable as possible. That will make it easier for you to deliver against them.  
  8. Make sure everyone knows about all the good stuff you are actually delivering.
  9. Promote your project and celebrate and communicate every little success.


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