Test Automation and Manual Testing

There are some major differences between automated Testing and Manual Testing. Human executes the tests step by step with the help of a test case in manual Testing. In automated Testing, tests are executed without the help of human assistance, often via test automation frameworks and other tools and software.

The major difference between manual and automation testing is who executes the test case. In manual Testing, the human tester does it. In automation testing, the test scripts/tools do this job.

  • Test Automation as one-stop of contact to ensure quality through different testing types 
    • Test Automation Engineer as consultant 
    • Test Automation Engineer is a Software Developer
    • Test Automation Engineer is an interface between DEV and PM

  • Automated Testing can replace most parts of Manual Testing and makes those tests more efficient.
  • Manual Testing can’t be entirely replaced by Automated Testing and vice versa.

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