Is Manual Testing Dying?

This statement is very controversial, and everyone might have a different opinion. Due to the frequent adoption of Agile and DevOps culture, companies want to release their software frequently and continuously. In this situation, automated testing plays an important role and helps to increase the speed of software delivery and reduce human error. More companies are adopting continuous integration, continuous testing, and continuous delivery (CI/CT/CD). This approach increases the need to automate more tasks in continuous delivery, including manual testing. Now coming towards our main statement, “Is Manuel testing tying?”, partially YES. But it’s not entirely dead. In the past few years, the need for manual testers has been reduced, but at the same time, job requirements for manual test engineers have become stricter. With the limited demand for manual testers, this thought may rise that manual testing is not needed anymore. But, it’s not true. Even AI cannot replace the need for manual testing.

Humans develop software, so humans must test it. This implies more towards testing the graphical user interface of the product. There is no possibility of automating user requirements like correct display of media files, blocks, images, etc. It can be safely said that manual testing is not “dying” but has been reached to the next phase of professional development, which combines manual and automated testing skillset. Better test planning and test strategy are needed to test the application under test (AUT). The manual testing approach is efficient for UI and Ad-Hoc testing, which is much needed when an application is integrated with different components. Manuel testing places a significant focus on checking the business logic of AUT during user acceptance testing.

As long as humans are building software products, then testing will be required by humans. However, when machines start developing software solutions, then testing would be taken care of by machines, and from that point, manual testing by humans will also die.  With the enhanced trend of AI, the first thing that may die is the role of coders. AI will start coding their stuff soon when requirements are completed, and it has to be tested by humans, and manual testing will be a significant part of it. Testers will still do the regular mild, easy checks but will be a more versatile and multi-skilled task force. They will be influential role players in the whole development process. Manual testing is not dying, but the need has become less due to Agile and DevOps culture.

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