Tips to improve Self-confidence in yourself

24. September 2019 by Riffat Shahzad

Today I will write about the most importance success factor of your personal or professional life is “Self-Confidence”.

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Overcoming Employee‘s Resistance to Change

23. September 2019 by Riffat Shahzad

We’ve often witnessed that “Change is always good”. Organizations are constantly changing their strategies and objectives. Most of the time, we have seen that employees become the number one opponent of change.

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Project Manager’s life around 3 P’S

20. September 2019 by Riffat Shahzad

We have often heard project managers are only people. How much truth lies in this statement? I will write in this blog about “The three P’S of Project Management” and Project Manager life around these P’s.

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Initiating Request for Feedback

19. September 2019 by Riffat Shahzad

Yesterday, I wrote about the ways to give a proper valuable feedback. Today, I will continue writing and will throw a light on the power of asking for feedback. Requesting feedback is one of the most important things that can help you to grow professionally.

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Ways to give a virtuous Feedback

18. September 2019 by Riffat Shahzad

Feedback is ever-present in our daily lives. We are receiving feedback at every moment we are awake. In our professional life, we receive or give feedback about the performance once or twice per year.

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Secrets of happiness as a Project Manager

17. September 2019 by Riffat Shahzad

We have often heard the following words, “Be happy and seek positivity…”. What does it actually mean. Today, in this blog, I will write the secret of happiness that as a project manager we can have at our workplace.

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Project Post-Implimentation Review

16. September 2019 by Riffat Shahzad

Post Project review is a process to evaluate whether the objectives of the project have been met and how effective the project is managed. This helps to avoid making similar mistakes with future projects and learning how to run the project better. In this blog I will address following questions.

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Risk Management as Proactive Approach

13. September 2019 by Riffat Shahzad
Risk management is a one of the responsibilities of a project manager which should be performed on a frequently basis. Proactively identifying and reducing risks means lesser problems with your project.

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BRM Success Ideologies

12. September 2019 by Riffat Shahzad
This week, I am writing blogs mainly around BRM. This blog will enlighten the main principles which are equally important for high level executives, benefit owners, senior leaders and all the stake holders of the Project, Portfolio and Program management.

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Journey of Organizational Strategy to Business Value

11. September 2019 by Riffat Shahzad
Companies have an operating vision on which they build their strategies. These strategies/goals/missions are converted to gain the planned organizational values. There is a decomposition hierarchy to convert “Strategy” into “Value”

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Significance of Benefits Realization Management

10. September 2019 by Riffat Shahzad
BRM is all about having the activities to realise, execute and endure the benefits achieved through Projects, Programs and Portfolio’s.  Due to competition and rapid changes, organizations need to define their BRM strategy to cover the gaps in the organization overall decisions. 

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Ethics confronts in Digital Transformation

9. September 2019 by Riffat Shahzad
Ethics deal with more of behavior of some kind. This can be in a person or in a company or you daily life. In this blog I will talk about major ethic issues from a digital point of view.

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Digital Transformation to Low Tech Industry

6. September 2019 by Riffat Shahzad
It’s a common saying Technology is “everywhere.” Is it really true? The great challenge in low tech industries like Agriculture and Finance is getting people to understand the value of technology.

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7 Myths of Digital Transformation

5. September 2019 by Riffat Shahzad

Digital transformation has the potential to be implemented correctly when done right. This transformation can enable your business to acquire significant benefits.

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Project Management in the light of Micromanagement

4. September 2019 by Riffat Shahzad

This is the question always in my mind, “Do the Project Managers need to keep an eye on every single task of their team or there should be relationship of trust?”

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Project Management Trends

2. September 2019 by Riffat Shahzad

These blogs have been created to give insights about the latest trends in IT Project Management, Software Engineering and Test Automation.

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