Project Management in the light of Micromanagement

This question comes in my mind, “Do the Project Managers need to keep an eye on every single task of their team or there should be relationship of trust?”

Let’s find the answers firstly after a short discussion.

Extremism in any shape and form is dangerous. This principle applies to all activities either in our daily or professional life. Most often Project Managers (PMs) are so caught up with their project tasks and activities that they lose sight of the larger goal and end up controlling and dictating every action taken by their teams. I have personally experienced that this annoys the team members up to an extent that they even losses their productivity graph if it crosses the limit.

I completely agree with the facts that managing multiple projects with a large number of team members is a demanding task along with monitoring of their work and progress. But this does not necessitate that every task should be micromanaged and stamped by PM.

Some of us are already serving at Lead / PM positions or will serve as PM. It is indeed essential that as PMs we ensure:

  • The project tasks are completed on time and with quality
  • Continuous and timely monitoring mechanisms are in place
  • Project deadlines and milestones are achieved without micromanagement
  • Updates are available timely to all project stakeholders
  • Any sort of delays should be communication advance to all Project stake holders

But it is ‘NOT ACCEPTABLE’ that if a PM has following traits:

  • Obsessively controlling nature of every activity
  • Be on a fault-finding mission
  • Engross yourself in every other person’s tasks
  • Refuse help and guidance from experienced members of the team
  • Lose focus of the bigger picture and drown in the least important of activities
  • These traits spell disaster and label you as MICROMANAGER!

Here is what Micromanagement costs all individuals and businesses alike:

  • Absolute loss of trust and confidence of your team members
  • Loss of commitment and productivity
  • Highly demotivated team members
  • Stressful team environment
  • Deliverables that are low on quality and missed deadlines
  • Delays due to the greatest bottle-neck which is YOU

If MICROMANAGER is lucky,  he will survive in a company but will lose his respect in the team. People will talk about him on his back.

I would be happy to hear your opinion about this topic.

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