Tricks to Motivate ‘Questioner People’

If you’re leading a project or a team you will experience that some people are easily motivated and committed to the work they do, whilst others are much harder to get through to. They ask lots of questions and resist any kind of change or control. If you have to overcome this kind of challenge, you may have to change your approach dealing with those in your Team.

The questioner is someone who queries everything. They will only perform the task if it makes sense to them. They are motivated by good reasons and good arguments – not by random tasks or policies. Their favorite question is why particular task needs to get done and what the purpose is. On the plus side they can be very healthy for an organization or a project because of their no-nonsense approach. If they agree that particular task needs to get done, they’ll be highly engaged. If not, they won’t deliver what you expect. The disadvantage is their constant need to question things, which can be tiring to everyone in Team.

If you work with a questioner always be prepared to answer those questions. Provide them as much information as you have and let them know why the work you are asking them to do is important. If they don’t speak up, ask them what questions and concerns they have. It’s best to discuss all questions openly so that you can address them and also explain what are the drawbacks if the work isn’t done.

If you have any tips for these kind of people, do share in comment section.

One comment

  1. I agree with you on the need to inform the “Questioner” of what the task is about, but I also have reservations on why a team should have such a person. In most cases, having a questioner could be a pointer that the team has not been engaged enough to understand how the project they are working on, relates to the strategic objective of the company. Or maybe they are not sure how it contributes to the deliverables. At times it could also simply be as you put it, someone who asks everything and anything. In such cases I will consider this to be a sign of lack of enough knowledge on the second matter.

    PS:/I had a similar subject in my blog and it was a really fun topic to cover.

    Otherwise I like you blog. Keep it up.


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