Coupling Portfolio Management and Organizational Strategy

In this blog, I will write about the connection between Portfolio Management and Organizational Strategy. Portfolio is like a family tree holding different programs and projects.

Portfolio Management is the process of managing one or more portfolios in a coordinated, effective and centralized manner to achieve organizational objectives and strategies.

Organizational Strategy is a plan that outlines the goals, actions and policies that will help an organization focus and move in the right direction [1].

Every organization has its own way of categorizing the portfolios and organization strategy. In some organizations, program and project management and operations are under a specific portfolio. This step of portfolio management ties the gap between organizational strategy and operations. It also helps an organization to control project selection and success in a competitive rapidly changing environment.  Linking Portfolio management to Organization strategy brings benefit in balancing the use of resources, whilst ensuring maximum value in the execution of operational activities, programs and projects.


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