Secrets of happiness as a Project Manager

We have often heard the following words, “Be happy and seek positivity…”. What does it actually mean. Today, in this blog, I will write the secret of happiness that as a project manager we can have at our workplace.

I have worked with product, project managers and team leads. I have a feeling that to remain confident and at comfort is an on-going challenge.  Everyone has a different working environment. It depends on a person position. Some are just trying to keep the client happy and avoiding conflicts, while others are busy in making their boss happy. Happiness is something we as a project manager need to focus in our spare time to bring in ourselves.  How we can make our self happy while being at work on different projects? Here are some secrets:

The first secret is the ability to recover yourself from stress that happened due to the unexpected changes and difficult situations.  It varies from person to person. Some people heal up quickly while others take time to recover slowly. People who show a more rapid recovery have higher levels of happiness. They are in many ways protected from stress and the many unexpected events that happen on a project. It’s very important to train yourself to see the opportunities in every situation. Projects are dynamic in nature. Everyday there comes unexpected issues. The more you resist and fight against them, the more stress your body will have. You cannot eliminate all the risks despite having the best Risk management approach. Whenever something unpleasant situation happens to you, your body reacts in a different way. Some have sweat in palms and some have high heart with change facial expressions. If similar situation happens, deep breath three times and let the negativity go from your mind. After practicing this, you will not only feel better but also be in a position to resolve any difficult situation that may come at your workplace.
Positive attitude
The second secret of “Happiness” is to have a positive attitude. This does not confine only to the ability to see the positivity in other people but also surround your thinking with this gem attitude. Try to acknowledge team members as human beings and recognize their qualities. Some people suffer from this depression “Having supperior/bad attitude towards others” that they see very less positivity in every aspect of their daily life. I myself witnessed many people who first see the negative impact on any simple thing. This can be improved just by practicing a little tip where you meditate yourself having the respect, love and compassion towards others. This will help to transform your interpersonal relationship with your team and the atmosphere on your project.
Dedication and Concentration
The third secret is “Dedication and Concentration”. This is more about being attentive of the work you are doing and to not let your mind wander. In a project environment, you can work on this element by being present and by simply showing up. If you’re in a meeting, be present and pay attention to what other people are saying. Don’t check your phone. If you’re on a conference call, be fully present and decide not to check your emails whilst you’re on the phone. When a team member speaks to you, give them your full attention and deeply listen to what they are saying.
The fourth secret of “Happiness” is being kind to others. The more you engage in generous and selfless behavior, the more you will trigger the signals in your brain that are key to happiness. Luckily there are many things you can do on your project to be generous. Give respect to other’s opinions. Do not start screaming on your subordinates and feel yourself being superior. Give a helping hand to a colleague who is struggling with a challenging task, treat a team member to a coffee, coach a junior member of staff and give well-deserved compliments to your colleagues.  There is a long list to have being generous to others. Decide to cherish your working relationships by carrying out just one random act of kindness every day. After a couple of days, you will start having the positive effect you would have on your project.
These secrets will not help only in your professional life but if we apply in our daily life then we can see the positivity in every aspect of life. “Being Happy” is a skill that can be learnt and that we should all take responsibility.

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