Project & Portfolio Stakeholders Identification Tips

Have you experienced about a project in your company Portfolio that impacted you, yet you were not contacted or involved? Missing a key stakeholder can have an overwhelming effect on how successfully your project portfolio delivers its strategy. Successful stakeholder analysis is crucial for establishing solid relationships and trust. The process of discovering the people interested in or impacted by the results of your project portfolio is very unsolidified. The process will vary based on the nature of the intended strategy the project portfolio is designed to deliver.

Here are some of techniques for identifying most of a project portfolio’s stakeholders:

  • Find the impacted persons by the project portfolio’s approach?
  • Who created or can stop, change or defer the project portfolio’s strategic alignment?
  • Who must sign off on key decisions?
  • Who can help resolve issues that are stumping your teams?
  • What business functions are interested in or should review project portfolio deliverables?
  • Who are the key people involved in the interdependencies identified by your teams?
  • Who is funding your project portfolio?
  • Who has ideas about how to go about achieving the strategy the project portfolio is designed to deliver?


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